2014 Event Trends

2014 Event Trends

I’ve been talking to many event planners over the last few weeks and a question that many of them are asking me is “What do you think the next big trend will be in event themes?”.

It’s a good question – and a relevant one. We all need to stay ahead of the trend, especially when many of us are starting planning for events now that will be held late this year. We need to predict what will be fashionable then.

I have written a few blogs on this topic in the past – one which is I still think is relevant to the coming months as it was only written in November. It’s all about current pop culture influencing event themes for this year. You can read it at the following link: New Events Trends

As 2014 progresses, I feel that pop culture is going to go in another direction. These are my 2 next event trend predictions for this year:

1/ Jungle Theme
Tarzan 3D the movie is set for release in Australia this month. This classic tale is one many of us relate to watching or reading as children. Jungle theming has a real scene of fun – below are a few ideas you could incorporate into a ‘jungle’ or ‘Tarzan’ inspired event.

– Venue styling would be exciting for this theme as it has potential to be a visual feast. Some ideas include leopard print table cloths, live plants around the venue, even a water-feature.

– As guests arrive, an aerial artist could be performing on a lyra wearing a tiger print leotard with green vines hanging down from the ring

– The climax of the evening could include a contemporary dance troupe performing a powerful ‘tribal’ inspired routine complete with acrobatics and amazing lifts.

2/ Technology
I feel that this theme will be huge, especially for the later part of the year. ‘Transformers 4’ the Movie is coming, the Iphone 6 is due for release in July and products from the Las Vegas Technology fair this month were not only mind blowing, but all over the Australian media. Whether you are a tech-nerd or not, technology is becoming more and more exciting.

This is also very relevant for events – especially when planning for a company that is launching technology, uses technology or just loves the thought of it… So pretty much anyone!

– The key for an event like this would be to hire a good lighting director. They will be able to set the scene for the room with lazers, LEDs and more.

– We know that the use of multi-media works wonders, but what about interactive multi-media for guests? Check out this Youtube video for inspiration – this is an experiential Coke campaign in South Korea. I absolutely love it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9R9z7P1eME

– The highlight of an event with a ‘technology’ theme would have to be a performance of the dance form taking the world by storm – TRON dance. This is a performance based on lighting design on costuming. It’s difficult to explain, so I’ve included a video link below for you to check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9R9z7P1eME
We have recently developed a performance show in this style – very exciting and it always receives an awesome response!

Well I hope that the above has given you some inspiration for the week! If you’d like to chat with me about any of the entertainment options listed above, I’d be more than happy to show you how we can help. Drop me a line on 0430 110 824 or visit www.dargieentertainment.com.au

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