3 Tips for Refreshing Your 2014 Events

3 Tips for Refreshing Your 2014 Events

Happy new year and welcome back to all of my readers! I’d like to give a special welcome to all the new readers who are joining us for 2014. I hope you all enjoy my event solutions blogs again this year and get some ideas you can use in your upcoming planning.

In our business, it’s a great thing to receive repeat bookings. This means that you have succeeded providing a fabulous event that met the requirements and your client is happy – so happy, that they have booked next year’s event with you.

I have had a few of my readers come to me with this problem. “How is this a problem?” you might be thinking… Well, to quite a few of my lovely readers, it is one of the biggest challenges they are facing going into 2014.

Don’t get me wrong – of course we all love and welcome return bookings, but it is challenge to keep lifting the bar beyond last year’s incredible success. One of my readers said her client loved 2013’s event so much that they want the same venue, same structure, same programme committee – all on the same budget as last year. How do you exceed last year’s event with a fresh twist when all these factors stay constant?

Most of the time, the goal or intention of the event remains the same, so it’s the mood and atmosphere that needs to be changed in order to create a fresh take on last year. Creating an experience is key – this is what will live on past the event and stay in the minds of your guests (and more importantly your client) for the next year.

Here are a few ideas to refresh your next repeat event:

1/ Imposter Speakers
In a conference, or any event where the intention is to educate, informative speakers play an integral role. In many cases, multiple speakers are engaged to educate delegates about different specialty topics. In order to keep your delegates engaged over long periods of time, throw a fun ‘spanner in the works’ to clear their mind and break things up.

An imposter speaker is a great way of doing this. This talented comedian or actor could be impersonating a celebrity, or performing a comedic spot all under the guise of being a ‘speaker’ at the event. Delegates will be surprised, laugh, relax and have a fabulous experience. They’ll then be ready to concentrate again and take in the valuable information being offered by the following ‘real’ speaker.

2/ Singing Waiters
If most factors need to be the same at this year’s event, use it to your advantage! Let the guests think they know the way things work and catch them by surprise.

During your awards presentation, waiters are serving appetisers and drinks to the guest’s tables. All of a sudden the waiters break out into song one at a time like a scene out of GLEE! A dance routine starts and a bunch of the waiters perform an all singing, all dancing flashmob among your guests. Tie it in to your event goal by including the use of company logo or mission statement into the performance. Your guests will think they stepped onto the set of Grease! An experience all will remember.

3/ Step into the Shadows
Instead of the same covers band performing at your gala again this year, let your guests experience something outside the box.

Shadow ballet/mime performances are a unique and moving form of entertainment production that can be catered to work in with the intention of your event. These amazing performers create pictures and shapes through movement to music behind a back-lit white screen. The final pose could be a creation of the company logo or name. Your audience (and your client) will be impressed by this innovative and sophisticated choice.

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing for your upcoming planning! If you’d like to talk to me about any of the above entertainment options, I can give you info on how we can help to provide these at your next event. Call me for a chat on 0430 110 824.

Happy planning!

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