5 Tips to an Eco-Friendly Event

5 Tips to an Eco-Friendly Event

These days, pretty much everyone is more environmentally friendly. Everyone recycles, we buy organic food where possible and we turn off the light when we leave a room (or at least try to)… Every little bit helps!
As event professionals, we know the importance of impressing our clients and our client’s clients. When planning events, it’s vital to keep in mind that society is much more eco-aware. People connect with brands that show their social and environmental conscience, so companies we are planning events for want that ‘environmentally friendly’ stamp on their brand image.

Below are 6 easy steps to making your next event more ‘green’!

1/ Social Media
Instead of printing fancy invitations, use social media and create a fabulous looking Facebook event. Not only will you be saving tress, but your guests can rsvp on-line. Quicker and easier for the guests and the planner!

2/ Serve Local Produce
There are many eco-friendly catering companies that pride themselves on preparing beautiful food with locally grown ingredients. This eliminates carbon emissions from transportation of food across country (or from being imported). Make sure you tell your guests in your marketing.

3/ Don’t Waste It
There seems to always be left-over food after events. I always feel sad when beautiful food will just go straight in the rubbish bin when there are hungry people in the same city.
Check out Oz Harvest. It’s a wonderful charity that rescues excess food from restaurants and events that would otherwise go to waste. This excess food is distributed to charities supporting the needy in Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide and Brisbane.
Check out their website – www.ozharvest.org

4/ Organic wine or champagne
There are plenty of beautiful organic wines on the market, so why not include a selection of the list at your next event? Organic wine it produced without the use of pesticides. You’ll find a beautiful selection at www.organicwine.com.au

5/ Lighting
Obviously, lighting at your event is going to contribute carbon emissions. You can avoid this by holding your event during the day outdoors or in a venue with large windows that allows light into the room. If that isn’t possible, opt for energy efficient globes or solar powered light options.

5/ Entertainment
The things to avoid if wanting eco-friendly entertainment are large sound system requirements, options that involve transportation of large sets and equipment or big casts of people who will all be driving to the event.
Opt for an entertainment option that is sight based. A dance performance or acrobatic act can play their music tracks on MP3 through the venue’s existing system, eliminating the need for sound production equipment being brought in.
Here at Dargie Entertainment, we offer eco-friendly options for green events. We can even organise eco-friendly transport for our cast if desired. Try a beautiful Parisian dance act, an amazing contortionist or a Hawaiian hula dance show.

If you’d like to have a chat about how I can help with corporate entertainment that is both eco-friendly and high quality, please feel free to shoot over an email or call me on 0430 110 824.

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