New Events Trends

New Events Trends

It seems that the most popular event trend over the past 6 months has been ‘Gatsby’ or 1920s inspired. Many friends have organised some beautiful Galas in this theme. It’s sophisticated, fun, energetic and glamourous. No doubt this trend was inspired by the epic Baz Luhrman film.

My prediction for this coming party season, and the following 12 months, is that Baz’s hot new stage show ‘Strictly Ballroom the musical’ will have quite an influence on event themes, atmosphere and entertainment.

When I think Ballroom, images of perfectly styled hair, beautiful makeup, sparkling gowns and tuxedos come to mind. I think of slick dance routines performed with confidence and sophistication.

An event in a ‘Ballroom’ theme would be full of possibility for co-ordinators; red velvet curtains, crystal table pieces, endless music options and of course…. the entertainment.

The climax of such an event would have to be a world-class performance from champion Ballroom dancers. There are so many options; Waltz, Cha Cha, Paso Doble….

Or you could go for the ‘outside the square’ options; A Ballroom flash mob where event waitstaff are actually ballroom champions and surprise the guests with a unsuspected performance, a surprise performance from a company VIP who has secretly been rehearsing with a group of dancers, a makeup artist painting ‘Tina Sparkle’ style face decals for female guests… the options are endless.

Fred Astaire summed it up pretty well when he said “Do it big, do it right and do it with style”.

If you’d like to have a chat about how I can help with the entertainment for such an event, please feel free to shoot over an email or call me on 0430 110 824.

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