The Fashionable Language

The Fashionable Language

There’s no doubt about it – fashion speaks everybody’s language.

Check any female’s coffee table and you’ll find a copy of Vogue or ‘Shop Til You Drop’, Instagram is full of fashionistas with thousands of followers, even bus advertising is full of gorgeous leggy models in beautiful designer swimwear – we, as a society, can’t get enough of it! I’m sure that most ‘Sex in the City’ watchers were far more concerned with Carrie’s latest outfit than whatever was going on plot wise…

The guys are certainly not immune to this either – many times they give the girls a run for their money. My partner won’t be seen dead in a suit without his Saba belt!

I went into my local designer outlet a few weeks back and couldn’t get past the entrance to the centre – after a bit of pushing and shoving, I realised Oroton was having an ‘Up to 80% Off’ sale. I kid you not, the line just to get into the store was all the way into the carpark!!!

So, if we are all so fashion obsessed that our digital and physical lives are full of the next style ‘must haves’ , then why shouldn’t we take advantage of this for events and marketing?

Whether you are trying to promote a venue or shopping destination, engage event guests or sell just about anything – fashion is the perfect platform! Here are a few ideas to make your next event or campaign more ‘fashionable’:

1/ Walk The Line
Whether you want to promote retailers in your centre or engage your guests with something beautiful, catwalk shows are a great choice. There is a lot of scope for decoration/design in your chosen theme, music selection can reflect your event intention – even things like projecting logos on the back wall and product placement in gift bags on chairs – lots of possibilities!

2/ Living Style
Instead of wall decorations for your next event, have ‘live mannequins’ on podiums wearing the latest trends! These beautiful models standing oh so still will create conversations (“Are they real?”) and bring aesthetic value to your event or shop window. Why not approach a designer or local boutique for event sponsorship in return for their garments being worn by the beautiful ‘mannequins’?

3/ Move with the Trends
For a unique take on fashion promotion, mix up the norm with movement! A secret flashmob with the dancers wearing the latest collection will get the crowd talking! If you have the right venue, imagine an aerial artist on a ring or silk promoting a swimwear brand… Creating a memorable experience will keep the product or event in the minds of the crowd for a long time to come.

I hope these ideas have given you some Tuesday morning inspiration!
For any of the above ideas, feel free to give me a call on 0430 110 824 to chat about our fashion products at your next event or promotion.

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