The Magic Of Surprise

The Magic Of Surprise

Do you remember how exciting a simple surprise was as a child? That amazing Christmas present you didn’t expect, your favourite relative coming to stay or a surprise birthday party you knew nothing about until… SURPRISE!!

Even as adults, there is something special about a surprise. It creates joy, laughter and that feeling of being a child again. As event professionals, it is the ultimate achievement to make your guests feel something – experience something – that transports them to a blissful place. Is surprise that special technique you’ve been looking for?

Below are a few ideas of how you could create that incredible moment at your next event:

1/ The Red Carpet
In my opinion, a red carpet is the ultimate in glamour at an event. It makes guests feel like celebrities and creates the perfect photo ops for the commencement of the evening. Imagine arriving at an event and starting to walk up the red carpet. It’s lush, velvety and fun. You take a few more steps and… the end of the red carpet is a glamourous girl wearing a red dress. Wait –the red carpet is her dress! The 12 metre train of velvet fabric you’ve been walking on is part of the gown this ‘Jessica Rabbit’ style girl is wearing. Guests eagerly pose for photos around the ‘red carpet girl’. What a fun and unique surprise for the start of the evening.

2/ The Waiters
All evening, helpful waitstaff have been serving drinks and appetisers to guests. They are dressed in crisp black and white – looking as elegant as the rest of the event you have planned. One waiter walks to the front of the room with another tray of champagne. Exciting music starts to play. The waiter puts down his tray and…. Kick, turn, jump split – WOW! Everyone is looking in astonishment when yet another waiter comes to join in on the dance. All of a sudden the 2 female guests from “the marketing department” (that somehow you hadn’t met until tonight) walk up to these waiters and are lifted high in the air. The guests start to cheer! Another 8 waiters join the group and create the most exciting entertainment surprise – and all of these guests were a part of the experience.

Creating surprises at your next event will stimulate happiness in your guests and therefore, the evening will be talked about for years to come.

If you’d like to have a chat about how I can help with providing the above ‘surprises’ for such an event, please feel free to shoot over an email or call me on 0430 110 824.

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